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Tell us what is keeping you from dancing and we will find a solution to help you learn how to dance. If you do not have money to invest in classes? we offer over 2 free classes a week for you to try out. If you have the time and want to experience what is like to be part of our community? take those 3 levels that we offer and maybe try out for one of our performance teams. If you want to learn as fast as possible to become the best dancer possible in the shortest amount of time? then private lessons are for you.

Free Classes

When you come out to the club to dance with us we will start the night with a crash course class where we try to teach you about 4 basic turns for you to practice that night. Please note you only need to learn how to dance 10 moves to graduate as an Intermediate dancer.

Group Classes

Think of group classes as levels in a video game, Level 1 is Only $10 class if that class is too easy for you that means that you are ready for level 2. (Most people take level 1 from a week to a month) You will learn the basics with 2 turns. Level 2 is meant to go over all of the 6 turns that you need to know to graduate as an intermediate-level dancer, this process takes one month. (We recommend taking level 2 for a couple of months).

Level 3 is an advanced class where we mix and match moves that you have learned on level 2 and learn some new ones. This level is fun and will challenge you weekly with new material every time you come to class. If this level becomes easy for you it means you should join one of our Intermediate/ or advanced-level teams.

Private Lessons

These Classes are the fastest way of learning how to dance making sure you do not develop any bad habits. Highly recommend taking one or two private lessons a week if you can afford it, even though it is the most expensive way of learning how to dance it is without a doubt the most rewarding. Specially designed for people with high standards

We can customize private lessons for your needs or goals. You are welcome to take these classes by yourself or with a dance partner. Gerzon will teach you everything you need to become one of the best dancers in town, with the confidence and the talent to keep up with any professional dancer in the industry worldwide.

Dance Teams

For everyone that likes a challenge and would like to step in front of an audience to learn how to control their emotions under a little bit of pressure. You should try joining a dance team!

We currently offer 4 different teams:

We train during the spring to perform in the summer locally at Cypress, Lex, etc. Planning to travel to Sacramento, Las Vegas, and Bachaton in Reno.

The second season is during Fall to perform in the winter, locally, and at some major Salsa/Bachata festivals like San Francisco, San Diego, and The Reno Latin Dance Festival.